Monday, December 22, 2014

3 1/2 Years since my last post.

I was up at two in the morning, it was impossible to sleep. I guess after 3 weeks roaming the world I would expect no different. I don't think I have the time or the desires to explain the last 3 1/2 years, I would only like to say that I have been blessed with a whole lot more than I deserve. BUYH was definitely something from a dream and a strong base for the years to follow. I would like to believe that I am 100% someone that does not care about money, but I have seen with my own eyes that money is the most distracting item that we humans posses. I've seen families, lovers and friendships destroyed for money (not always for the lack of it), therefore foreseeing the blessings of God in my life and those around me I find it imperative to choose what is to be done with those blessings to come. There should be no difference between family friends or random people that just walked in your life. As we learn to see everyone as precious part of ourselves, life will become much easier to carry. Not all those who you so openly take into your lives need the same things. If money is the answer for some, it is not for all - many of those you love are simply not ready to have it. We are 100% responsible to take what we have and make more from it, we are stuarts of our goods and believe me God wants you to make it grow that you may be an instrument in his hands. Would you give more to someone that has no drive that only lives to stay alive? Take a moment and see what you have and make the best of it. Even when you think that you are not ready or capable, there is always a way to improve. Just like anything else in our lives if you are not making it grow, it is most likely leaving you.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Names and memories

It is not my intention to omit important members of my family or life from this post. In this post I will describe, to the best of my ability, people whose influences have changed me greatly! Fact: I will omit those who are obvious and who already have a place on my blog! Such as family and best friends!

#1 The boy with no name!

I think one of the first most important people in my life would be my imaginary friend! Yes, I did have one. I do not remember his name, but from 4 to almost 7 years old he was my constant companion. And as unbelievable as it may sound, the memory of him and the dreams we shared together are still vivid in my mind. I think it was at that early age that I developed some of the strongest attributes that I now possess. I owe to him my dreamy mind, my desire to conquer the world, and the idea that everything is possible if the right elements are supplied. I think if I had been a normal kid with real friends, my life would have been dry and plain.

#2 Andres Gonzales!

I still remember the summer before I moved to Argentina. I was 11 years old and didn’t know how to swim. (I have a good excuse!) I went to the public swimming pool many times that summer but never mustered up the guts to jump into the deep end. I tried a few times but was never able to leave the comfort of the children’s area! One Saturday, Andres told me he had invited two girls to go swimming with us. When we got there the girls were already in, and as you can probably imagine they were right in the middle of the deepest part, floating, playing, laughing, and enjoying the warm summer day! I was petrified and planned a million ways to escape the situation, but I found nothing that could save me from that moment. I decided to turn around and tell my friend that I was not going to get in; when I turned around he was shirtless and running toward the pool. He jumped right into the middle of the deep end and my hopes of escape sunk at the same moment he did. What was there to do when I was 11 years old and left alone to fight something that, at that moment, was a lot bigger and stronger than myself. I looked at the girls that waved at me from the pool and thought: "If I jump in two things could happen. One: I could magically start floating in the water like it seemed my three friends were, or Two: I could sink and die because I was a lot bigger than any of them, and could probably not be saved." So of course I did the non-logical thing. I breathed in deeply and ran as fast as I could. When I jumped off the ground an obscure feeling took over me. I knew it was the end. Two seconds later I was floating. I don’t know how it happened, but there I was swimming happily with my friends. Andres helped me learn something that I will never forget: In order to conquer something, you need to face it.

#3 Daniel Borromey! aka Huevo

After a great summer in Chile I moved to Argentina. I was so excited because for the first time in a long long time, we were going to be a whole family again. We decided to move and live with my father, who at the time was living in Mendoza, Argentina. The family was reunited. My friends were all gone and for some reason I couldn’t seem to make any more. Every day of high school I suffered. I was beat up daily and for two years I talked to no one. At the end of my second year of high school everybody was writing in each other’s yearbooks saying how much fun that year was. Huevo walked up to me and asked to write in my yearbook. His question took me by surprise and I was not expecting it. So I said I didn’t have one but that he could write somewhere else. He made me feel good and I was experiencing first hand something that I myself had forgotten: the feeling of acceptance and belonging. I was overwhelmed by something so simple that I could not believe it! He wrote: "The key of life is Friendship." He gave it to me and said next year will be different! Huevo taught me that life is better and easier when you have friends around. He helped me change by writing a simple fact that opened a door for me, a door that has been open ever since and that will never be closed again.

#4 Sergio Correa

It was a cold winter in Canada! I had no hope left in the human race. I was 17 and my last two employers had abused me (economically). Sergio was boss number three. I did not trust him and thought he was going to make me work hard but pay me whatever he wanted at the end of the month. Being illegal in a country is not an easy life, but it is also not as hard as people make it sound. I worked for more than a month until my first payday came. I was so scared and did not want that day to come. When he came out of the bank he said, "Hey, I have to talk to you…" I knew it! How could I be so stupid? Was everybody in Canada going to make me work for less than they promised? At that moment I clenched my hands and walked toward him. A hurricane of thoughts in my head was destroying the peace in my heart! He put his hand on my shoulder and said, "I know I said I’d pay you nine dollars an hour, but I will give you ten because you worked harder than everybody else." I almost cried. Sergio is one of the simplest men on earth. He "lived" in his truck because he sent most of his money to his family in Argentina. Despite this fact, there he was, giving me more than what he promised. Because of my status he was not subject to any contract or law, but his word and conscience were the rulers of his life. I loved that man. He gained all my respect in one second. Not because of the money he paid me, but because of his concept of honesty. I remember Church and the words of my teachers: “Give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” He was above the law. I will never ever forget that lesson. I haven’t mastered it in my life, but the memory of a just man will always burn my heart and motivate me to action.

PS: Sergio also taught me how to read blueprints, and one day I will build my own house because of him. And everyday I work in that house, his name will echo my mind and I will smile and look to the future because of my past.

#5 Tyler Singleton aka Dad

I was born in LA in January of 2004 to Tyler Singleton, single dad. I could not have had a better father. I could write on both sides of the Great Wall of China and I still would not have enough space to write all the things my dad taught me. But one thing he taught me will never fade away! I remember this experience as clear as I remember my name. We rode our bikes as fast as we could; we knocked so many doors and taught so many lessons. We committed so many people to go to Church, the stars were shining and there was nothing that could darken my spirit, not even the constant screams of Elder Singleton saying, “Hurry up! Hurry up! We are going to be late!” His voice was like music to my ears, I did not care. My spirit had felt too much to be hurt by his voice. When we arrived home it was 9:35pm. Mission rules, or the will of God, had set the curfew at 9:30. Most of us would excuse the five minutes without caring. But not Elder Singleton. He cared, he cared more than I realized. As we walked in and knelt down in prayer that night, he gave thanks for the warm Spirit we had felt that day and for the success that God had granted us. When I thought he was done praising the Almighty, he said something that I did not quite understand and it provoked my spirit. A spirit of contention took over me and I was blind to his words. He said, "We are sorry for being late, forgive us. We will try our best to never do it again." I couldn’t believe it, how could he say that? First of all, I was not sorry. Second, I thought coming in five minutes late was not that bad and we had done our best! I was mad; I thought he was stupid and that he did not understand God. But I was about to hit a wall and eat up all my pride and words. After the prayer’s symbolic “amen”, which I did not pronounce, Elder Singelton gave me hug. I gave him that awkward hug that girls give to boys when they want make sure they know they don’t like them. Of course he noticed it and asked me what was wrong. His calm voice made me angrier. Really? He didn’t know why I was mad? Didn't he listen to what he just said? I explained my point and screamed out loud that God only wanted us to do our best! I thought I had a strong argument. He smiled and agreed. Huh? I was confused. Why is he agreeing? I wanted him to fight me. I wanted him to try to argue against me! Then he asked, with the same calm tone of voice, “Do you believe in God?” I said yes so he asked, “Do you believe in the scriptures?” I said yes! Then he quoted 1 Nephi 3:7 "I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he hath commanded them." After that he asked, “Will God ever ask you for something that you can’t do?” I said no! Then he quoted Matthew 5:48 "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." He did not need to expand on that one; he just said, “Elder Lommatzsch, I love you. You are my son, and your best is 9:30 not 9:35! So let us be perfect like out Father in Heaven.”
I was destroyed but edified. I hugged that guy so tight and in the silence of the night my heart was marked by fire. Writing this out makes me realize how much of what I know I apply in my life. I wonder why man lives in darkness and I think it is because of himself. Our choices design our lives. I will never forget that day. I learned so much about human potential.

#6 Heather Nielsen

I have never met anyone like Heather. Her brain and her soul are probably the perfect mix of efficiency and charity. I have never seen anyone give so much in exchange for nothing! She gives not only to me, but to everybody. I have seen Heather help even people that she "dislikes," and every time she does it she breaks in half. It goes beyond all I know, she has no ties to earthly possessions and no ties to her own personal talents but she uses both to bless the lives of those around her. Oh how I wish I could give like she does with no interest in gain, but how great the gain of a soul like hers. She has been a dear friend to me and she is a living monument of love and charity. I will always strive to follow her example in being less selfish in my doings.
Heather also taught me how to get A’s in college, which is a great skill if you ask me. She is perseverant and a great teacher! Being around someone like this helps to become more like they are! I know deep inside she’ll like this post, but I won’t comment on specific situations because BYU-Hawaii is too small and I believe she would rather me hold my words and examples for some other time. Thanks Heather!

There is a plethora of other people who have taught me many things gradually. I will write my memories down, and eventually give everybody the credit that they deserve.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I was bored today so I wrote you a poem !

Poem Number 21

I have tried to escape your smile. I have tried to run from you.
But in the silence of the night I have confessed that my heart belongs to you.
You have broken every rule. You have bent my entire world.
My desires have surrendered to an enemy that I don’t have. 
Why is it impossible to run away?
How can I be addicted to something that I have never had?
How can I want something that I have never tasted?
I am following the shadows of the big trees of the North.
Those mysterious lands that forge your soul hold the secrets of my happiness.
Your eyes show your heart so clearly; your voice speaks a truth that sounds so sweet.
You have no plans, you are free in all your doings, but your life is in order.
And the path before your eyes shines because of them.
I don’t know how you are, but I love the way you live.
You don’t know the crazy dreams of my life.
But daily, you unfold the secret wishes of my heart.
I want to scream your name in every country and in every land.
I want the world to know your name. I want the world to feel your warmth.
Beyond your comprehension I lay in darkness waiting for a spark to shine on me.
Hoping you may see that I am not the monster in which I used to hide my soul.
I might never hold your hand; I might never touch your lips.
I might never say goodbye; you might never know it is you.
But in my desolated night I will always look up.
And the stars in the sky, like the freckles on your face, will help my mind remember.
Oh, those calm ocean days, and the music as you drove.
The crazy way you danced, the fires that we saw, your smile and those around following the action.
But more than anything, I will remember the crucial moment 
When I dove in to your eyes, when I tripped right in to your soul.
I will remember the day I lost my will, the day I found my love.